President’s Message

prakash patel

Prakash Patel, MD

Jayshree Krishna and Jay Swaminarayan everyone!!!

Year 2019 was a busy year for GAMT!! Thank you for all of you who actively participated in all our events and many thanks to all our committee members, their family and all the volunteers who came forward to help us with various events. Our summer picnics were amazing including great outdoor location of Granny White park and Hendersonville park, hot Gujarati food, great games not only for kids but grown up too. ZalakDikhalaJaa cultural show remains one of the favorite cultural show in Middle Tennessee!! ZD 2019 provided stage for young one to show their talents and our team really enjoyed celebrating Janmashtami on that evening!!

We had opportunity to get our youth involve in community service during winter cloth drive. Community service involvement is important as volunteering teaches everyone, compassion, and understanding. There are many opportunities to improve and leave our GAMT’s mark on middle Tennessee and global communities. Some of the services include clothes drive for Homeless, food drive for the second Harvest, Blood donation camp by American Red Cross and community fundraiser as we did in 2018 for Kerala flood victims’ relief.We will work with the teenagers to create programs that they will enjoy, be proud to be a part of, and most importantly remember for a lifetime. The youth is the hope of our future.

GAMT joined hand with BAPS charities and other Gujarati Organizations including GCA, 42 Samaj of Tennessee, KPS to have a successful first health fair! Total 254 participant registered for the health fair, able to get detailed blood work report at very nominal cost and able to follow up with various medical providers including internist, many specialist, pharmacist and nursing provider. We really appreciate BAPS charities for their great organizational skill and providing a great platform for health screening to improve overall wellbeing for our community. We also appreciate all health care provider to volunteer their time for this initiative. With help of all local communities, GAMT will be actively involved in future health fairs and other community events!!! Our goal is to continue doing all our favorite cultural events, and also collaborate with other Indian organizations such as IAN, KPS, GCA, 42 Samaj of Tennessee, BAPS, Sri Ganesha Temple and others to enhance the quality of our programs, to offer additional cultural programs and community services.

We had a busy last few months of year which included Nashville’s favorite Dandiya-Navratri events! We were able to do six nights of Navratri over three weekends and added extra Navratri night along with other organizations. We were also able to bring a Garba group for one weekend and response from all of you were amazing!!! Most Navratri nights, we have 500+ in attendance!!! We sincerely thank all the sponsors of Navratri and all the donation we received during Garba night which helps us to organize this big event and help us to do additional charity work!!!

Our Diwali dinner event of year 2019 was a memorable event and one of a kind!!!! IshqSufiyana concert by Bhavin Shastri, amazing food by Taj Indian restaurant and great company by everyone who attended was indeed a memorable night!!! Credit for great event organization goes to our hardworking committee members!! I sincerely thank our committee members, their spouses and their families for volunteering their time last year and upcoming year of 2020. We are looking forward for amazing 2020!!!

Please let us know if you want to help GAMT in anyway including being volunteer at any of our event, being sponsors for one of our event or want to have your business advertised on our online platform of emails and website or during our events like Dandiya-Garba or Diwali event or ZalakDikhalaja event. We are excited to update and introduce brand new website in year 2020!!

Attached is the list of our 2019-2020 GAMT’S committee.

Thank you and Jay Shree Krishna!!

Prakash Patel, MD
President, GAMT