Current Committee

GAMT is committed to continue to preserve Gujarati traditions and cultures by continuing to strengthen and promote Gujarati and Indian festivals with our local “Middle Tennessee community”.

President's Message

Jayshree Krishna and Jay Swaminarayan everyone!!!

Year 2019 was a busy year for GAMT!! Thank you for all of you who actively participated in all our events and many thanks to all our committee members, their family and all the volunteers who came forward to help us with various events. Our summer picnics were amazing including great outdoor location of Granny White park and Hendersonville park, hot Gujarati food, great games not only for kids but grown up too. ZalakDikhalaJaa cultural show remains one of the favorite cultural show in Middle Tennessee!! ZD 2019 provided stage for young one to show their talents and our team really enjoyed celebrating Janmashtami on that evening!!

Youth Committee 2020

  • Kehan Alpesh Patel

  • Krishna Prakash Patel

  • Krina Manish Patel

  • Jaishva Neil Bhatt

  • Avi Viren Shah

  • Aarav Tejas Dholakia