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Past Committee
  President’s Message ( 2017-18)

Jayshree PatelHello and Happy New Year to all our GAMT members,

GAMT is a growing and respected organization, thanks to all its members and the previous committees that have worked hard and done such a great job. We, the members of the 2017-2018 committee will try to do our best to continue to make GAMT bigger and better for our members.

I would like to thank all the committee members for volunteering to serve GAMT with me for the next two years. We have a very enthusiastic and energetic committee and we hope to take GAMT to new heights. We can do that with your help and support.

We will have the usual popular events such as Picnics, Variety Talent Show, Navratri and Diwali Dinner. This year we are adding a Valentine's Day Party to GAMT events, just for you, so please plan to attend this event with your Valentine.

I would also like us to work with other social organizations to make GAMT more visible and relevant in our greater Nashville community. We are planning to have a clothes drive for the homeless and a food drive for the Second Harvest Food Bank. We will also do a blood drive for The American Red Cross.

Jayshree Patel
President, Gujarat Association Of Middle Tennessee


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 2017-18 Committee Members
Jayshree Patel
Vice President
Arti Patel
Bharat Joshi 
Manoj Shah
Executive Committee Memebers
Dr. Prakash Patel

Manish Patel

Dr. Viren Shah

Decoration & Design
Pinakin Patel

Ashok Patel

Jatin Desai
Food Committee
Kailash Desai

Jyotsna Padya

Bharat Joshi



President: Dr. F. K. Pandya
Vice President: Dr. Jayesh Patel
Secretary: P. J. Patel
Treasurer: Bhupesh Gandhi
Executive Committee Members:
Kamlesh Gandhi
Ramila Shah
Pravin Mehta
President: Dr. Jayesh Patel
Vice President: Harish Sheth
Secretary: Narendra Shah
Treasurer: Dr. Rajni Patel
Executive Committee Members:
Rekha Sindhal
Jyoti Patel
Purvi Pandya
President: Rekha Sindhal
Vice President: Dr. Bhupendra Rajpura
Secretary: Niraj Mehta
Treasurer: Prashant Shukla
Executive Committee Members:
Kalpana Gandhi
Balkrishna Mehta
Rupal Kadakia
President: Dr. Rajni Patel
Vice President: Pankaj Patel
Secretary: Haresh Joshi
Treasurer: Balkrishna Mehta
Executive Committee Members:
President: Vinayak Trivedi
Vice President: Upendra Patel
Secretary: Mayur Mehta
Treasurer: Suketu Chohshi
Executive Committee Members:
Kokesh Kadakia
Pankaj Bhatt
Kiran Patel
President: Upendra Patel
Vice President: Bhupesh Gandhi
Secretary: Jayshree Patel
Treasurer: Haresh Joshi
Executive Committee Members:
Kiran Patel
President: Upendra Patel
Vice President: Kiran Patel
Secretary: Jayshree Patel
Treasurer: Pratik Shah
Executive Committee Members:
Meeta Trivedi
Dipti Chokshi
Balkrishna Mehta
President: Bhupendra Rajpura
Vice President: Harish Sheth
Secretary: Nainesh Shah
Treasurer: Pratik Shah
Executive Committee Members:
President: P. J. Patel
Vice President: Jayshree Patel
Secretary: Pravin Mehta
Treasurer: Manoj Shah
Executive Committee Members:
Bhupesh Gandhi
Pankaj Patel
President: Dr. Harshila Patel
Vice President: Dr. Ragini Mehta
Secretary: Anjna Patel
Treasurer: Kamini Patel
Entertainment: Arti Patel
Executive Committee Members:
Dipti Chokshi
Chetna Savani
Meeta Trivedi
President: Suketu Chokshi
Vice President: Arvind Patel
Secretary: Dhruvan Patel
Treasurer: Kokesh P. Kadakia
Executive Committee Members:
Paresh Sheth
Ramila Shah
Hitesh Amin
Dharmishta Patel
Gautam Patel
Alpesh Patel
President: Arvind Patel
Vice President: Dipti Chokshi
Secretary: Kalpana Gandhi
Treasurer: Alpesh Patel
Executive Committee Members:
Darmishta Patel
Bharati Patel
Kailas Desai
Bhavesh Jani
Bharat Joshi
Pinakin Patel
Ashok Patel
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